“This air fryer is amazing! We've made a lot of different foods in it and can't believe how good the food turns out! The flavor and texture is delicious! Definitely recommend this product!”

“Quick, good at making snack foods. I made fries, chicken fingers and a burger. It even toasted the bun!”

“I was a little skeptical when I bought this that it could 'fry' food that would taste great with no oil. Well, I am very pleased to report that it works great. I have tried different types of fries and onion rings so far and everything has turned out to be delicious. Easy to use and clean-up is fast and simple. I am very pleased with this purchase.”

“I received it today and made tator tots, breaded shrimp, and even a few hot dogs. I love deep fried food and had doubts how the food air fried in the Brio would taste. I used no oil and everything came out fantastic. The taste was superb and no one would guess it was fried without oil. The use and cleanup of the Brio was easy. I am so excited to own this product and look forward to the next meal in it”

“Trying to eat healthier. Great addition to my cooking arsenal.”

“I've been looking for air fryers for over a year and came across this one and it was such a great great price compared to others I decided to try it…My expectations were exceeded with this!!... It is very fast at cooking everything and is so much better than in the oven. Everything is so moist inside with a perfectly crispy outside …I have never written a review before but felt this product needed one written. It's a great product at a great price.”

“My daughter came home from college, and asked for an air fryer to take back with her in the fall…She made mini pies and cinnamon toast in it so far…For the price though, well worth it.”

“Love my new Brio Air Fryer, the food really taste good. It is so easy to use and clean. Healthy cooking and eating for children. No need to buy greasy fast food. Done hamburger and they were so juicy and the fries were very crispy.”

“I'm new to the AirFryer arena and this NuWave Brio is all that's advertised… The digital user pad is brightly displayed and easy to use. The thermostat goes in 5 degree increments up to 390. Nice touch…For the price, this is a solid unit. Easy to use and clean and takes up the same amount of counter space as a coffee pot. Perfect if looking for a cooking appliance to help with a healthy cooking lifestyle”

“Amazing product for the price. Cooks quickly and with no oil at all the food is crispy and delicious. Love my NuWave Brio!”

“so far we have only made chicken and fries, can't wait to try more in it. best part no oil”

“So far so good, French fries and tots require a spoonful of oil and come out perfect!! Have yet to try any thing else as I'm stuck on fries for the time being :)”


“This thing made some delicious fried chicken. Having a gluten sensitivity I missed having fried chicken & I desired to eat without a lot of oil. Now we cook almost everything in it. I was skeptical but the NuWave Brio didn't disappoint… My husband (who need to cut back on eating fast foods) loved the results so much he came home the next day with the largest chicken breast I have ever seen…It came out juicy and tender. The skin was so crispy”

“I only used this air fryer once, but the spicy buffalo wings were a hit…The unit is really simple to use and the wings were very good, I used no oil. Great product!”

“I read the reviews before I bought this and it works perfectly and we love how the fries and chicken are so crispy”

“We just bought it and made panko crusted tilapia. Delicious! Perfectly cooked and crunchy. Can't wait to use again!”
It's like guilt-free frying, it's wonderful! You don't get all that grease and you get the good taste anyway.
Corinne B.–Grandmother
Nothing compares to the Brio for the value, for the size, for the easy cleanup, for all that it does in such a compact, healthy air fryer.
Christopher K.–Entrepreneur
Now with the Brio, I can actually cook fried foods at home, but the healthy way!
Monica M.–Fitness Model