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Healthy Delicious Foods Made Easy • 70% Less Fat vs. Deep Fried Foods!
The Brio helps you make delicious foods fast and without the added oils and fats associated with traditional deep frying. You’ll enjoy all the flavor and none of the guilt with the NuWave Brio!
3 Quart Intro
6 Quart Intro
10 Quart Intro
The Science Behind the Brio
Not all air fryers are alike. Join us as we take a look at how air frying works, what sets the Brio apart from the others, and why air frying is a great, healthy alternative to traditional frying.
Cooking Chamber
Circulates super-heated air to lock in flavor and juices.
Heat Distribution
Only the Brio cooks with even heat that never fluctuates.
Less Fat
Watch how much grease the Brio collects.
People Love the Brio
Every day more and more people learn how easy, healthy and delicious air frying can be. Watch for yourself.
There is a Brio Air Fryer to Fit Your Kitchen, Needs, and Budget
• Available in 3qt, 6qt, and 10qt sizes
• Digital Controls and Display
• Recipes Included
• No Guesswork Needed
• Super-heated Cyclonic Air Cooks from Every Direction
• No oils or grease means 70% fewer calories
• Basket designed for optimal air flow
• Smart Pause
• Automatic Shut-off
• Easy to Use – Easy to Clean
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